Hello!  I’m Pamela, and you’ve stumbled upon Briarwylde. This is the blog for my jewelry shop on Etsy, and I also blog about all sorts of pretty things here.  If you’re looking for geeky stuff or fiction book reviews, I do that over at The Discriminating Fangirl.

A little bit about me…

The bloggerI’m in my thirties and am married to an awesome guy.  We have a gorgeous pit bull named Belle, who thinks she’s a lap dog despite weighing 65 pounds. We live in lovely Corvallis, Oregon, home of OSU, trees, and lots of drizzle.

I’m originally from Texas, but we moved to Oregon four years ago and love it here. I have a Master’s in English, but I discovered I hated teaching right in the middle of grad school. So now I make jewelry, blog, and write fiction.

I’ve gotten crafty in the last year, and aside from jewelry making, I’m dabbling in knitting, polymer clay, papercrafts, and cross-stitch/embroidery.

I enjoy writing fiction, so I’ll also be talking about my writing and writing process here. Most of my original fiction leans toward romance and relationships, though I’m actually not all that fond of many popular romance tropes. I just like the focus on people and love. My stories range across genres like contemporary romance, erotica, and speculative fiction.

I looooove fashion and beauty, even though most days I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. I get those fantasies out of my system on Polyvore. I’m also interested in home design and decoration. We bought a 1966 custom house and are in the process of updating and renovating it, so expect lots of DIY and house posts.


Belle the Dog