Things are Afoot

June 3, 2014 Life, Photography 1

I’m currently getting my ducks in a row, and hopefully very soon I will have a big announcement for Briarwylde! Let’s just say it’s moving beyond the realm of just blogging.

a teaser image

A teaser to pique your interest.

I’m also giving the blog a seasonal makeover, so pay no attention to crazy changing graphics or anything like that for the next few hours.

In the meantime, I give you a photograph. I finally dug out my DSLR when we took a hike at Peavy Arboretum┬ájust outside of Corvallis, and I managed to get several photographs that I’m pleased with. Here is “Daisy,” because I am terrible with titles. ;)

Daisy by Pamela Shigeoka