Yet Another Hello World Post

March 10, 2014 Life 0

The first post in a new blog is always the hardest and the weirdest. I’ve been blogging since 2007, and I’m still not exactly sure what to write in a first post.

So… hello?

Hello, it's Pamela!

Hello! I’m Pamela, and this is Briarwylde. I also blog at The Discriminating Fangirl, but I wanted a space where I could talk about life and all of my relatively non-geeky hobbies, along with the writing I one day hope to publish.

After much gnashing of teeth over the right name and much swearing at Photoshop and WordPress, Briarwylde came into being. You can find credits for the lovely graphics on my About page (as well as more about me, surprisingly enough), and the fabulous Tweak Me theme is by Creative Whim.

So what will you find at Briarwylde if you choose to follow me? (And if you’d like to follow me, you can find me at various social networks by clicking the links in the sidebar!) I’m planning on writing about all kinds of things that interest me: crafting, beauty, fashion, home improvement and DIY, writing, my dog (who is adorable)… It sounds like a bit of a mishmash, but I love finding blogs where women talk about their lives and everything in it, so Briarwylde is my version of that place.

It’s finally getting dark outside (daylight savings time always takes forever to get used to), the dog is curled up against my leg, and I’m ready to start writing. I hope you’ll hang around with me and chat!